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This is a brief start. I mainly got an account so I could comment to cim. Today is a tax holiday so I will soon go shopping. I promise to put blogging ahead of cleaning!

San Francisco was a blast, but a cold one. We walked around mostly near the bay, and in the Castro and several other neighborhoods. The gardens were in containers mostly, and they were magnificent! Pelargoniums were trees, with 4 inch trunks. Jade trees stayed outside in tubs. Bougainvillea was everywhere, and agapanthus.

It was great seeing Cim and Wax. Way too short for me but way too long for Perry- I was sorry to hear that.

School starts her for teachers on 7 days. I have stuff to do there but can hardly drag myself there. I think they made our day 8 minutes longer but kept the same number of calendar days. Gives us more days of professional development, and I hope at least a little more work-in-your-room time. I have (nothing new) TWO rooms to maintain. One of them a janitor never set foot inside except to empty trash cans. I know, count your blessings. I will be enraged if I dwell on this, so enough of that.

I am making student storage at that school and need to get on the stick. Today.

I read a mystery by Tamar Myers yesterday-- Baroque and Desperate. Hilarious-- an author who sometimes sacrifices making sense for a laugh, but not too often. My kind of character is the narrator. A southern lady, but not a sweet one. I plan to read them all. So far I read this one and the first. The series is the Den of Antiquity, and the main character is a divorced antiques dealer, who spends some time with her eccentric mother, and less with her goof-up children, but stays involved nonetheless.

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