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Reflection: The second week of school flew by. My southern middle school eighth graders are noisy, and my northern middle school 7th graders likewise. Despite all the procedures practice we did, I really need to REMEMBER to stick to my guns and make them take a number, stay in their seats, and give me their attention. I am not good enough at consequences.
In other news: A new teacher is next door at one of my schools. She has the eighth grade from hell (well, not really. That one was sixth period about 2002! But close enough). They are noisy and so disrespectful that they continue their casual-level conversations right over her teaching, I think. They are far worse than mine in the hall, but they were that way for me last semester. I wish I could help her!
I need to get Artsonia up.
I got out my Nexus and let my 6th and 7th graders at the northern MS see Aurasma. Several students got so excited they had to make one right then. Satisfying.
We began Name Kaleidoscopes in the 6th, and Illuminated initials in the 7th and 8th at S school, contour at N school. I hope to start clay but desperately need clay.

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